Services Offered

360 Research Interviewing

Utilize FocusVision’s latest camera and research reporting tools with our FV360 interactive recording device in our Federal Way (Seattle/Tacoma) office and their backend clipping and video management tool FV Video Insights. These videos are archived for 30 days so you can do an in-depth analysis of the results of your qualitative research.

Learn more about the technology; and download their e-book about best practices for designing immersive moderators guides here:

OnDemand Panel Surveys

We have integrated our Pacific Northwest Research panel from Strategic Research Associates with the power of the nationwide panel management technology to give our clients the ability to instantly connect with our panelists, and panelists worldwide with instant surveys. We can host, design, deliver and analyze your research as needed by our experienced in-depth researchers, moderators, and interviewers – or just provide a panel for your research!

Through Cint, we can even work with you to develop your own private or shared panel to keep your customers engaged and at the tip of your fingertips for insights on demand. Become an Amazon or Microsoft – know your customers, and have the tools in place to be able to talk to them when you need them, and not rely on dated or bloated studies.

Website and Software UX Testing

Our camp leader asked us: Why not leverage an engaged survey panel for your UX testing? Well of course! UX testing can go beyond your internal teams; we can recruit, host, conduct and manage your UX testing from start to finish. Either at our sites, so you can hold dynamic studies with live users, or support web-based UX testing through integrated screen and webcam capture tools to capture clicks, use habits, and personal opinions of testers. We go beyond just providing you with the testing tools, and are professionals at delivering the actual testers – real potential users of your product – not just the first guy you find who may be willing to click along.